How do I use Learn Mode on iOS?

Learn Mode is an innovative feature from Viki to facilitate language learning and is currently available in Korean, Chinese, Japanese & Taiwanese videos that have at least 50% subtitles in the origin language.

Note: Learn Mode on iOS is not available for Kocowa-licensed titles, which can be identified when there is a 'Kocowa' word shown on the screen before the actual video plays.
  1. With your desired video playing, tap on the Settings/Gear icon at the bottom right corner of the video player to go to the Video Setting
  2. Select Subtitle Language > Choose the origin language of the title (Eg. Chinese (Simplified) for a Chinese title) to check if the subtitle percentage is at least 50%

  3. For an overview of all the episodes under a specific title, go back to the main Channel page and click on More at the bottom left corner.

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  1. When in full-screen mode, tap on the Subtitle icon blobid0.png 
  2. Tap on Learn Mode 
  3. Ensure that Your learning has started is turned on

When Learn Mode is turned on, both the original language and your preferred language subtitle tracks will appear together. In addition, arrows are visible just below the subtitles. These allow for easy navigation between different subtitle segments.


You will also see a replay button between the arrows which replays the current segment again to help you get a better grasp of the line.

You can now tap on the Korean, Japanese or Chinese subtitles and click on a particular word to get its definition as well as its pronunciation in your preferred subtitle language. You will also notice that the video is paused when you tap on the subtitles, allowing you to easily select the word you want without having to pause at the right time.



We do truly hope Learn Mode will allow you to get a step closer to your favorite Korean, Chinese, Japanese & Taiwanese content by helping you to augment your understanding of the language!

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