Why am I seeing a 'Oops! Something went wrong' error?

If you're seeing a 'Oops! Something went wrong' error while watching a video, it could be caused by either one of these two reasons:

1. Connectivity issues with your mobile device and Kaltura

Solution: Try loading the video again, or try again later

We've recently partnered with Kocowa TV (a collaboration between three main Korean TV networks - KBS, SBS, and MBC) to bring the best drama viewing experience to our community. Shows that are licensed via Kocowa are served by the video platform company, Kaltura.

At times, Kaltura might have issues that result in shows being unable to load. We're unable to take any further action on this unless fixed by Kaltura.

2. Digital Rights Management (DRM) issues with your mobile device manufacturer

Solution: Go to your phone Settings > Software Update > Restart your device

Note: DRM playback is supported on Android App Version 4.12.0 and above

This might resolve the issue in some cases, but in others, it will not, if your mobile device was not built to handle DRM playback.

Known devices include several Samsung models, as well as phones from Chinese brands (who were originally not made for Android OS), though not exhaustive. We are unable to take any further action on this unless fixed by your mobile device's manufacturer. To find out which manufacturers officially support, click here

If your device is rooted or jailbroken, it will also not be able to handle DRM playback.

In all, we do encourage you to view the affected episode(s) on another device, say a computer or laptop, since the issue should only affect your specific mobile device.

What do I do next?

If you're not able to play video on your Android device after trying again or updating your software, please check with your manufacturer to see if your device model is able to play DRM streams OR watch from another device that's DRM ready.

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