Why was I charged after canceling my subscription?

Here are some common scenarios that might've occurred if you were charged after canceling your Viki Pass subscription: 

Apple/Google Play Renewal Timeline

For subscriptions made via the iOS or Android Viki app, Apple/Google Play will start to automatically renew your subscription within 24 hours before the end of the current subscription period.

Important: Please make changes or cancelations to your subscription no later than 24 hours before the end of the current subscription period so that your changes are in effect by the next subscription period.

You may disable the auto-renewal at any time by canceling your subscription before your current cycle end date. To view your subscription cycle dates or cancel your subscription, refer to the Viki Pass section under the app settings or follow the steps listed here

My Subscription Cancelation Was Not Confirmed

If you canceled your subscription but have not received a confirmation email from Viki or Apple/Google Play/Roku, it's likely that the cancelation was not successful. Refer to this article for the steps to cancel your subscription again. 

You can also check for the cancelation status on your Subscription and Settings page:


Multiple Viki Subscriptions

If you have received a cancelation confirmation from Viki/Apple/Google Play/Roku but you're still seeing charges on your bank statement, you may likely have another active subscription. Do refer to this article for more information. 

No Trial Subscription

There is only one trial per credit card/Apple ID/Google ID/Roku account. This includes other Viki accounts that you may have used to subscribe with the same payment details.

If you had a trial subscription previously, your new Viki Pass subscription would have been charged immediately upon confirmation of purchase. Any cancelations made after will not reverse the charges. More details about charges during the free trial can be found here

USD 1 Authorization Hold

If you've recently signed up for a free Viki Pass trial or updated your billing/credit card information, you may temporarily see a USD 1.00 charge on your statement.

This is an authorization hold to confirm the billing information that's been submitted for your Viki Pass subscription. This hold is instantly reversed and never collected by Viki. Some banks take a little longer than others to fully reverse this so it may remain as a pending transaction for up to 5 days before being removed from your account. Do contact your bank if you do not see the credit back in a few days.

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