Why do I need Viki Pass to watch certain content?

In order to continue bringing you the shows you love, we introduced Viki Pass Standard and Viki Pass Plus

Viki Pass Standard and Plus shows are first made available to subscribers of these plans, and then to everyone else in licensed regions. In some cases, these shows remain exclusive to Viki Pass Standard OR Plus subscribers.

Please note that we license content for all viewers only for a limited time. Once a license expires, we’re unable to guarantee the availability of these shows on Viki. However, if renewed, there might be restrictions placed on the availability to non-Viki Pass Standard or Plus subscribers.

For new On-air Viki Exclusive shows, the days they will remain behind Viki Pass Standard or Plus will vary. Some episodes might be made available for a limited time after the episode's broadcast. In other cases, the first 2-4 episodes will be accessible in licensed regions, while the rest of the episodes will be available with a Viki Pass Standard or Plus subscription. If you’d like uninterrupted viewing access, please upgrade your subscription to Viki Pass Standard or Viki Pass Plus.

Note: Regional restrictions apply to all subscriptions. For more information, please click here.
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