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The Collection feature is an easy way to find and group your favorite shows so that you can easily find them at a later time.

Creating Collections

  1. Go to Collections

  2. Click on "Create New Collection". You have the options of making your Collection either "Public", "Private" or "Unlisted"

  3. After which, you can go to your new collection and click on "Start Adding" to start adding shows to your new collection. To add the show, simply click on the "+" on the right.

  4. After adding shows to your collections, you can add a description beside each show.

  5. Lastly, just add a cover page and it's all done! Simply "Upload Cover Page", after which, you can adjust the cover page by clicking on it and moving it to your liking. Then, simply click "Done"!

P.S. Another way to create collections/add shows to the collection is to click on  on the Show Channel Page.


Deleting Shows from Collections

To delete shows from your Collection, go to the vertical "..." on the right of the show and click "Remove Item"

Editing/Deleting Collections

To edit/delete your Collection, simply go to the vertical "..." below the description of your collection


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