Navigating the Viki Pass Settings for QCs

Kristine -

If you’re a QC or Gold QC, your Viki Pass settings will look similar to the screen below:

The messaging for the coupon indicates that your FREE Viki Pass coupon is effective for six months, starting from the date that you became a QC or the date that you manually applied the coupon (ex. “100% off for 6 months starting from July 12, 2016”).


Does the USD 4.99/month at the top mean I’m getting charged?

No, it does not! Users get Viki Pass for free. The $4.99 is the amount that your Viki Pass is worth per month, but are not being charged for.


When do I need to cancel my subscription?

You only have to cancel your subscription if you were an active Viki Pass subscriber and were sent a code from Viki to redeem.

**If you were not a Viki Pass subscriber and were not sent a code, do not select “Cancel your subscription,” as this will cancel your Viki Pass benefits.**





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