I’m currently a Viki Pass subscriber and just became a QC. What do I have to do?

Kristine -

If you’re a Viki Pass subscriber and become a QC, you’ll be sent a coupon code in your email to redeem.

**To redeem your coupon code, you’ll need to cancel your current, active Viki Pass subscription, wait till the end of your billing period, and then apply your code through your Viki Pass settings.**


Why do I need to cancel my Viki Pass subscription in order to redeem my code?

Codes cannot be applied to active subscriptions, so a Viki Pass subscription must be cancelled before any code can be applied. Be sure to also wait till the end of your billing period when you stop receiving benefits to apply the code.


How do I cancel my Viki Pass subscription?

If you purchased your subscription on the web (on Viki.com) or on an Android device, you can cancel directly through your Viki Pass Settings on the Viki.com website.

If you purchased your subscription on the app, you must cancel through your device. You can learn how here: Android and iOS.  

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