Common Etiquette for Volunteers

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In addition to the Viki Community Guidelines, we recommend following these common Viki Volunteering practices when on the site. These practices are not ones that are required by Viki, but have been developed, tried and tested by the Community over time and are generally expected by the majority of Channel Teams.


Messaging the Channel Manager & Moderators

Before you start working on a show, let the Channel Manager or Language Moderator know that you’d like to help out -- they’re the ones who are helping manage the group of volunteers.


Tracking your progress & Team Notes

For segmenting and English subtitling, volunteers help inform the rest of the team of their progress through the “Team Notes,” which is a tab found when you open the subtitling tools. You’ll just need to note whether you’re subtitling or segmenting as well as the part that you’re working on.


Users denote the following:

1) The episode and virtual part that they are working on

2) Status of completion

                  - Segmenting: If a part is complete or not

                  - Subtitling: 1) A part’s percentage at the time they start on the part and 2) A part’s percentage at the time they finish the part

For other languages, users often “claim” a part to work on, and a mini thread is created within the Team Notes to update progress:


Note: These are the typical practices of channel teams, but please be sure to check with your team if you’re unsure of your specific team’s practices.


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