Adding breaks in subtitles

Users can add breaks in lines of subtitles using HTML <br>. This is often used for long lines of dialogue or when there are multiple speakers during a certain timeframe. If needed, single breaks (<br>) are recommended to use.

However, we ask that users do not:

  1. Create segments with empty breaks (breaks without any dialogue or copy)
  2. Create consecutive breaks/break tags (<br><br>)

Empty breaks and consecutive break tags negatively affect the rendering of subtitles as well as the performance of our TV apps (for e.g. Roku, etc.).

Additional Notes:

  • Please avoid adding breaks <br> without spaces (1 space sufices). In the Roku TV app, the break will not be rendered and the words will run together if there are no spaces in between the break and the next line.
  • Italics and symbols such as music notes (♪, ♫) will not be rendered on Roku and some Smart TV apps.

Read more about formatting subtitles here.

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