I have Viki Pass and want to be a QC. What will happen to my subscription?

Kristine -

Volunteers who have Viki Pass and become a Qualified Contributor (QC; after creating 3000 subtitles or segments) will have a valid Viki Pass subscription until the end of their billing period. Afterwards, the user will receive six (6) months of Viki Pass benefits as a QC or Gold QC. This is applicable to both monthly and year-long subscription holders.

For web subscriptions:

For Viki Pass web subscribers who are currently subscribed through viki.com web, the Viki Pass coupons will be automatically applied to your accounts and you will not be charged for your Viki Pass benefits for as long as you have QC status.

For mobile subscriptions:

Viki Pass subscribers who are currently subscribed through mobile and become QCs will receive a coupon code via email to apply to your account. The coupon code may be redeemed after your current, valid subscription has ended. You may redeem your coupon by canceling your current subscription and waiting until the end of your current billing cycle. For more instructions on how to redeem your coupon code, please refer to this FAQ.


To cancel your Viki Pass subscription, please refer to the following FAQs: 

Android subscription

iOS subscription

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