How do Fan Collections work?

Fan Collections allow for you to create your own personal collection of your favorite TV series and movies!

Creating a Collection 

  1. Go to your Profile by taping on 'Me' at the bottom right-hand corner of your screen.

  2. Scroll down to 'My Collections' and tap New Collection

  3. Input your Collection title and a brief description of the Collection.

    The bottom of the screen includes a "Make Public" option. If you want your Collection to appear in the Fan Collections, turn it on. If the Collection is just for you, turn it off.

Adding shows to your Collection

  1. Search and select the show you want to add to the Collection

  2. Click the  icon at the top right of the screen and choose "Add to Collection"

  3. Choose which Collection to add to, either start a new collection or add to one you have made previously.

  4. The show will then appear in your Collection. 

Editing Collections

You can also make edits to your Collection afterward by clicking on the CAF40BE8-9BCF-4D2A-A980-74C1B5FBACC1.png icon on the top-right corner of your Collection page.

  1. Delete: Delete the collection if you don't want it anymore
  2. Update Cover Image: Choose a Cover photo of your Collection
  3. Edit Collection: Takes you back to the Title/Description/Private-Public window




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