How do you create virtual parts?

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Virtual parts are viewable in the Segment Timer and Subtitle Editor and allows multiple users to work on a video simultaneously.

Channel Managers can create virtual parts for a video when parts have not yet been created. Here is how:

NOTE: We kindly suggest to not to adjust the virtual parts if subtitles/segments are already created for the videos because if a segment is created in the middle of a part, that segment will not appear. 

Step 1: Access the Virtual Part creation tool in the Segment Timer. Select "Add one now" in the bottom left-hand corner. 

Step 2: Search for a segment where there are no speech, background music (BGM) or text on screen because the best spots to cut are when there is a change of scene. Type in the time code (format: of when you would like the virtual part to be created and click 'Add'.

(*Note: The timestamp you plug in denotes the end time of the part you're creating. In the example below, the part that's being added will be the end time of Part 1.)


Step 3: After all the timecodes are added, click 'Save'.

Step 4: Your virtual parts are created! :)


Things to note: 

  • If a virtual part is created in the middle of an existing segment, the segment will not appear in the subtitle editor.
  • To check if a virtual part is created in the middle of a segment, play the last segment of the part and press the 'Tab' key. If the segment is replayed, the virtual part is created correctly. If the video continues to play, your virtual part is created on an existing segment. You can delete and re-add the correct timecode if needed. Remember to press ‘Save’!
  • When writing a time-stamp, be sure to add a decimal point (or period) before the last 3 numbers.


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