Allowed HTML for Cover Pages and Profiles

These are the allowed HTML elements, attributes and protocols for the Community Walls / Cover Pages on Channels.

Any HTML code that’s not included within this list will not render on the Cover Page.

Allowed Elements

"b", "em", "i", "strong", "u", "a", "abbr", "blockquote", "br", "cite", "code", "dd", "dfn", "dl", "dt", "kbd", "li", "mark", "ol", "p", "pre", "q", "s", "samp", "small", "strike", "sub", "sup", "time", "ul", "var", "address", "article", "aside", "bdi", "bdo", "body", "caption", "col", "colgroup", "data", "del", "div", "figcaption", "figure", "footer", "h1", "h2", "h3", "h4", "h5", "h6", "head", "header", "hgroup", "hr", "html", "img", "ins", "main", "nav", "rp", "rt", "ruby", "section", "span", "style", "summary", "sup", "table", "tbody", "td", "tfoot", "th", "thead", "title", "tr", "wbr"

Allowed Attributes

:all       => %w[class dir hidden id lang style tabindex title translate],
'a'        => %w[href hreflang name rel],
'col'      => %w[span width],
'colgroup' => %w[span width],
'data'     => %w[value],
'del'      => %w[cite datetime],
'img'      => %w[align alt border height src width],
'ins'      => %w[cite datetime],
'li'       => %w[value],
'ol'       => %w[reversed start type],
'style'    => %w[media scoped type],
'table'    => %w[align bgcolor border cellpadding cellspacing frame rules sortable summary width],
'td'       => %w[abbr align axis colspan headers rowspan valign width],
'th'       => %w[abbr align axis colspan headers rowspan scope sorted valign width],
'ul'       => %w[type]

'abbr'       => %w[title],
'blockquote' => %w[cite],
'dfn'        => %w[title],
'q'          => %w[cite],
'time'       => %w[datetime pubdate]

Allowed Protocols

'a'          => {'href' => ['ftp', 'http', 'https', 'mailto', :relative]},
'blockquote' => {'cite' => ['http', 'https', :relative]},
'q'          => {'cite' => ['http', 'https', :relative]}

'del' => {'cite' => ['http', 'https', :relative]},
'img' => {'src'  => ['http', 'https', :relative]},
'ins' => {'cite' => ['http', 'https', :relative]}

Blacklisted Image sites

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