Roku - How do I turn subtitles on/off?

Mariliam -

There are two ways to turn the subtitles on or off. You can do this by visiting the Roku device settings and within the app. 

On the Roku device Main Menu:

1. Go to Settings. 

2. Select Captions. 

3. Select Captions Mode

4. Choose between <Off>, <On> and <Instant Replay>. 

Within the Viki app: 

1. Go to the video. 

2. Once it starts, press * (asterisk) 

3. The video will pause and a pop-up menu will appear with the Captions Mode options. 

4. Choose between <Off>, <On> and <Instant Replay>. 

Note: Instant Replay will only show subtitles when you press the replay button on your remote. Use this option if you feel comfortable with the video audio language. You can use the replay button and the last 10 seconds will replay with subtitles. 

After you turn subtitles on or off, the setting will remain. You will not have to turn them on or off again.

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