What is a Moderator and what do they do?


There are three types of moderators: English Moderators, All Language Moderators, and Other Language Moderators. Overall, Moderators must be current and active on Viki. They should be willing to provide quality contributions to the community and be a vital player with their teammates. It is important for Moderators to be regularly available for the entire run of a series and recruit any other team members as needed.

Position Requirements

  • The person must have at least 3,000 subtitles in the relevant language.
    • E.g. If someone wants to become a Spanish Moderator, they must have contributed at least 3,000 Spanish subtitles.
    • The easiest way to check for this is to verify the badges for proposed languages.
  • The person must have earned a minimum of QC status and have an active QC status.
  • The person must not have taken too many Language Moderator roles at any given time.
    • QC QCs can take on up to 3 Language Moderator roles at any given time.
    • Gold QC Gold QCs can take up to 5 Language Moderator roles at any given time.
    • QC Trainees and Rookie contributors are not allowed to join teams as Moderators.

Channel + Team Responsibilities

  • Being regularly available for the entire run of a series.

  • Taking charge of recruiting team members as needed, and being welcoming of people who are interested to join the team.

  • Responding to private messages inquiring about joining your team, even if you are not looking to recruit more team members.

  • You may create your own workflow for your team, but it may not conflict with the Viki Terms of Service, Privacy Policy or Community Guidelines.

  • Reporting any users who are using a translating program or application.

  • Do not discourage members from participating in your Channel, or on Viki.

  • Do not delete comments unless they do not follow Community Guidelines.

  • Act as a Moderator on no more than:

    • 3 channels at any given time at QC tier.

    • 5 channels at any given time at Gold QC tier.

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