How do I translate Titles and Descriptions?

Channel Managers and Moderators can translate the title and descriptions of Channels for most languages.

Note: Viki provides the Channel Title, Channel Description and Episode Titles in English, as well as the translations into Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, German, Japanese, Korean, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese. Channel Moderators can add and edit translations of the Channel Title, Channel Description and Episode Titles in all other languages. If you would like to suggest translation edits in any of the above 10 languages, please submit them through a Help Center request.

Translating Titles and Descriptions

  1. Navigate to "Manage Channel"


  2. Navigate to "Edit titles and descriptions in other languages"


  3. You can then edit an existing translation or create a new one.

Editing an existing translation


Adding a new translation


Important: Make sure to click "Save" when you're finished! These translations will become visible to community members who have their language settings set to those languages. 
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