How do I add a Moderator, Subtitler, or Segmenter to a Channel?

Channel Managers can add Moderators, Subtitlers, and Segmenters to their Channels. Channel Moderators can add Subtitlers for their language, and Segmenters to their Channels.

Adding someone to a Channel Team

  1. On the channel page, click "Manage Channel" on the main banner.
  2. Go to the "Team" tab.
  3. There, you'll be able to add a Moderator (if you're a Channel Manager), Subtitlers and Segmenters.
    1. Channel Managers are able to give access to Moderators for their specific language.
    2. Moderators are only able to give subtitling/editing access for the language(s) that they are the Moderator of.
  4. Type-down the username of the team member you would like to add.add-segmenter.gif
  5. Click on the “+” sign on the right side of their username.
    1. Note: when adding a Moderator/subbers/editor: Be sure to select their specific language before clicking the “+” sign.
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