Adding a Moderator, Subtitler or Segmenter to a Channel

Mariko -

Channel Managers can add Moderators, subtitlers and segmenters to their Channels. Moderators can add subtitlers for their language, and segmenters to their Channels.

To add someone to a Channel Team, follow these steps: 

1) Navigate to "Manage Channel" on the Channel page.

2) Go to the "Team" tab.

3) There, you'll be able to add a Moderator (if you're a Channel Manager), subtitlers and segmenters.

Channel Managers will be able to give "All languages" access to Moderators and subtitlers. This means that those community members will be able to act as Moderators and subtitlers in all languages. To restrict their access to specific languages, select a language from the pulldown menu, next to their username. 

Moderators are only able to give subtitling access to the language(s) that they are the Moderator of.

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