How to login on the iOS app?

Mariliam -

You can log in using either an email & password combination, Facebook, Google or Rakuten account. 

To access your Viki account, please follow these steps:

1. After opening the app, tap on Login at the bottom menu.


2. Select your preferred option to login:

     > Email/Password: Tap on Email Log in and enter your email and password on the next screen

     > Facebook: Tap on Log in with Facebook and enter your Facebook credentials on the next screen

     > Google: Tap on Log in with Google and select the account you want to login with or enter your Google credentials on the next screen

> Rakuten: Tap on Log in with Rakuten if you have a Rakuten account and follow the instructions on the next screen. 


If you don’t have a Viki account and would like to sign up/register for an account with your email address, tap on Sign Up.


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