Purchased Viki Pass but can't see benefits

Mariliam -

Please try the following if you still don't see benefits after acquiring Viki Pass:
  • Make sure you're actually logged in
  • Log out and log back in again on all your devices
  • Login to Viki from another browser or delete and reinstall your app
If you subscribed via iTunes or Google Play, try heading to the app's settings and hit 'Restore Purchase'.
If after trying all the steps above you continue to experience this issue, please let us know! If possible, please provide us with the following information:
1. Screenshots of the error message you see
2. Your Viki Pass account username or email address
3. Full copy of your Viki Pass receipt
4. The show & episodes on which you see this happen
Additionally, please keep in mind that Viki Pass only eliminates ads on licensed Channels. Since we don't control the ads on Fan Channels, you will see them there.
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