How do I access and share Developer Tools logs?

This article contains information on how you can share your developer console logs with us. 

Often times, we ask users to share with us Developer Console logs. This information allows our engineers to get a better idea of your user experience, which helps them find and resolve issues that we're not able to replicate.

In order to share the most helpful information, we will need for you to share:

  1. Console .txt logs 
  2. Network .har files

Make sure you have the latest version of the Chrome browser installed: chrome://settings/help

To access the Developer Tools on Google Chrome

  1. From the top right, find the 3-dot-menu


  2. Go to More Tools


  3. Go to Developer Tools

  4. Go to Network tab and save the .har file

  5. Go to Console tab and save the .txt file

How to save .har files on Network tab

  1. Click on the Network tab

  2. Right-click anywhere on the table below

  3. Select Save as HAR with content and proceed to save the .har file


How to save a .txt file on Console tab 

  1. Click on the Console tab

  2. Right-click anywhere on the table below

  3. Select Save as and proceed to save the file by adding .txt at the end


Once both the .har and .txt file are saved, please share them with us by writing in and attaching both files to the email.

Not using Google Chrome?

Please refer to this link with more instructions on how to access the Developers Console on different browsers.



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