How do I Follow/Unfollow a show?

Following On air or Coming soon shows allows you to get updates on the Viki mobile app, notifying you when new episodes are available.


You will have to be logged into your Viki account on your mobile app to receive the notifications.


You can follow On air shows on the Channel page by clicking the bell icon bell.png


After following a show, the button will now appear as bell-ring.png. You can also unfollow the show by clicking on the same button again.

Another way to unfollow shows is to go to your Following page, click on Screen_Shot_2018-04-13_at_5.48.00_PM.pngicon below the thumbnail of the show you want to unfollow, and select Unfollow.


On Mobile Apps/Connected TV Apps

Android/iOS app

For the Viki Android/iOS app, the bell icon will only be shown on On air or Coming soon shows that have been added to your Watchlist.

  1. Add a show to your Watchlist with the steps on this article.
  2. Tap on the bell icon bell.png to follow the show

After following a show, the button will now appear as bell-ring.png. Simply tap on the icon again if you would like to unfollow it.


Connected TV app

For the Viki Connected TV app, instead of the bell icon, it will indicate 'follow' or 'unfollow' to do so.

How do I find the list shows that I've followed?

Click here for more information on how to find your Followed shows.

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