How to use the Subtitle Editor tool (How to write subtitles)

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The Subtitle Editor is the new generation tool to write and edit subtitles on Viki!

Accessing the Subtitle Editor

  1. Open a video you'd like to subtitle
  2. Click the pencil icon, located below the video on the lower right-hand side



Navigating the Subtitle Editor

Writing Subtitles

  1. On the right-hand side, select whether you'd like to subtitle or caption. If you select "Subtitle," choose the languages you would like to translate FROM and TO from the drop-down menus.
  2. In the boxes below, write or edit the subtitles (Note: These boxes each represent a segment, so if they do not appear yet, the video must be segmented in the Segment Timer)


Visual Guide to the Subtitle Editor

  1. Area to select "Subtitle" or "Caption" and the "From" and "To" languages
  2. The writable fields to write subtitles. Each box represents a segment. 
  3. Menu to move between parts of a video 
  4. Menu to move between episodes 


For more info, check out this video: 

Viki U: Episode 1
Source: Viki



Some Extra Tips

  • Use Ctrl+F to find a word within all subtitles on a video.

  • Using the shortcut keys (such as “Tab” to move to the next subtitle) will help you subtitle more quickly, so make sure to check them out (located under the fields for "From" and "To" languages)

  • Before you use the Editor for the first time, click the Video tutorial button to see a tutorial video.


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