Shortcut Keys for Subbers & Segmenters

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Subtitling and Segmenting are much easier if you know how to use the shortcut keys on your keyboard. Here they are:

Pause and Play

The F or P key will pause and play the video.

Moving the Video Forward or Backward

Left Arrow Key, or Up Arrow Key moves back 3-5 seconds in the video.

Right Arrow Key, or Down Arrow Key moves forward to the next 3-5 seconds in the video.

Page Up takes you to the previous page of subtitles in the subtitle editor.

Page Down takes you to the next page of subtitles in the subtitle editor.

Cut a Segment

Press the Space Bar at the end of each line to cut a segment.

After you cut a segment, you will be asked to choose a subtitle language.

Select a language using the Left or Right Arrow Keys. Press Enter to submit.

Enter Subtitle Editor Mode

While a video is playing, press Enter while the blue highlight moves down along the subtitles on the right.

Choose your language using the Up/Down Arrow Keys, and press Enter to start inputting subtitles.

Make Detailed Adjustments to the Time Sync

When a segment is created and you'd like to adjust the length of the segment more precisely:

+ Ctrl+Up Arrow Key will shorten the segment by 0.1 second.

+ Ctrl+Down Arrow Key will lengthen the segment by 0.1 second.

Saving and Exiting the Editor

After inputting a subtitle, press Enter . You will see a small screen like this:

Choose your option (Save, Back, Discard) using the Arrow Keys   and press Enter to select.

Press Escape (ESC) to exit the subtitle editor.

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