Error when adding / updating your credit card details

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A charge can be declined by the credit card's issuing bank at any time and can happen for a variety of reasons. 

When a charge is submitted, the issuing bank looks at various different signals including spending habits, account balance, and card information such as expiration date and CVC to determine whether or not to accept the charge.

All transactions are processed by a third party (in other words, not by Viki). When any of these signals fail validation, it's because the bank is relaying that the information does not match the one it has on file, or the card is blocked for international purchases.

Here are some examples of cases where a transaction might fail:

  • Some debit cards require a PIN to be entered (debit cards). If you're trying to use one of these cards, you’ll need to use another card to make the purchase.
  • Some cards have restrictions on cross-border usage. If the card was issued in a country other than where our business is located, USA, this might be the problem. In this case, please contact your bank to see if they have this restriction.
  • The information you share on our website does not match the bank records. This can be caused by different factors like: card number, name printed on credit card, CVC (security number), expiration date, zip code, address, country of origin, etc.

If your card has no associated Zip Code, leave the Zip Code field blank.

If the information you're adding to the website is the correct one and you're still getting a decline or subscription error, the best thing to do is call your bank and confirm that the information they have on file is accurate, or if the credit card has any restrictions for international purchases before contacting us. 


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