How do I use the segment timer to cut segments?

What is a segment?

A segment refers to the amount of time that a subtitle is shown on screen. Any given video has to be cut into segments before subtitles can be added.

Segments are incredibly important to videos on Viki. Well-timed segments mean that subtitles will show up at exactly the right time. 

Important: You have to be added to a team as a Segmenter before you can create segments for a video.

Accessing the Segment Timer

  1. Open a video that you would like to segment

  2. Below the video, click the scissors icon.


For more information on how to segment, watch this video for a quick and basic tutorial of segmenting.


A visual guide to the Segment Timer


  1. Use these buttons to navigate to the Subtitle Editor or exit to the video viewing page.

  2. Use this bar to navigate through the video.

  3. This is the "Waveform." It displays the audio of the video in blue. It's a great tool to help you see exactly where dialogue begins and ends.

  4. Play, fast-forward and rewind.

  5. Click here (or use the spacebar) to open a new segment. The segment will open at the green line, located above the button, in the Waveform. Click it again (or use the spacebar) to close the segment.

  6. Once you cut a segment, you're able to write a subtitle directly into the video. You can select your subtitle language here.

  7. Find helpful tutorial videos, a list of shortcut keys, and a link to send us feedback.

You can find useful shortcut keys for segmenting here.

We are always looking for ways to improve the segment timer. We'd love to hear your feedback, so please feel free to send us your thoughts and comments through the Help Center.

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