How to get Power Segmenter status?

Good segments are incredibly important to Viki because segments allow for perfectly timed subtitles. Power Segmenter status is granted by Viki staff and awarded to active, high-quality segmenters.

To become a Power Segmenter, let us know you're interested! Recommendations from other community members are definitely a plus, but not a requirement.

You can nominate a fellow community member for Power Segmenter status, but the nominated member must also voice their interest to us themselves.

Below are the requirements to become a Power Segmenter:

  • Cut at least 20,000 segments

  • Be an active segmenter on multiple Channels in the last 6 months

  • Act as a role model to new community members, advocate Viki Community Guidelines


Power Segmenter status will only be valid as long as the account stays active on Viki. A Power Segmenter who contributes less than 1,000 segments during the previous 3 months is considered inactive.


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