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Segmenters are very important to Viki, and good segmenting lays the foundation for good subtitles. In some channels, such as on-air TV shows, segmenters like to work together on a team. If you would like to join that team and become a “Designated Segmenter” for the channel, the Channel Manager must approve you.


Remember: On News, Music and Classics Channels, you can start segmenting without having to be added to the team by the channel manager. You may segment freely on all channels managed by Viki, but as a courtesy, please contact the channel manager if he/she is a Viki community member.


When you’d like to join a channel team, please send a Private Message (or PM) to the Channel Manager, letting them know that you are interested in segmenting the videos in their channel (click the Volunteers tab on any channel page in order to see who the Channel Manager is). If you don't receive a response in 7 days, please send a message to the Viki Help Center, and we can try to help you become a segmenter in the channel.


You can learn about how to cut segments here. Another great resource to learn about segmenting is the community-created Segmenter 101 Project, starting with Episode 101: What is a segment?

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