What is a Channel Manager and what do they do?

Channel Managers 

A Channel Manager (CM) is the main leadership role within the Viki channel teams structure. Channel Managers are the major decision makers who make sure a channel is being run smoothly.

They are in charge of promoting the channel, recruiting staff, delegating tasks, overseeing the channel, keeping it active, working towards completion, and making sure the Community Guidelines are followed at all times. To assist in the Viki goal "to remove the language and cultural barriers which stand between great entertainment and fans,” the Channel Manager should facilitate translation from the source language to as many other languages as quickly as is reasonably possible. 

Position Requirements

  • Contribute at least 3000 subtitles.
  • Gold QC Gold QCs should not work on more than 4 on-air Channels at the same time as a Channel Manager, regardless of the channel being considered on-air or library.
  • QC QCs should not work on more than 2 on-air Channels at the same time as a Channel Manager, regardless of the channel being considered on-air or library.

Team Responsibilities

  • Selecting moderators for your assigned channel.
  • Selecting editors for your assigned channel.
  • To help make final decisions about discrepancies within the team.
  • You may create individual Channel rules, but those rules may not conflict with the Viki Terms of Use, Privacy Policy or Community Guidelines.

Technical Responsibilities

  • Locking languages or ensuring they are locked once the language is completed.
  • Do not delete Timed Comments on videos unless they do not follow Community Guidelines.
  • The channel team cover page should contain only images from the content shown in the Channel, such as official posters.

Channel Responsibilities

  • A newly aired channel must have activity within 48 hours.
  • Actively participate in managing the channel.
  • Channel team names may not contain story spoiler information, derogatory, discriminating, explicit, insulting or otherwise negative words.
  • Selecting a co-channel Manager and updating the team before going on hiatus.
Note: For upcoming on-air titles, this includes channel team recruitment before the title begins as well as management/moderation of the channel team during and after a title is on-air; for library titles, this includes being an active point of contact with Moderators, channel team members and/or interested contributors.
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