What is a Channel Manager and what do they do?

Channel Managers

Each show or movie has its own landing page and community called a Channel. Community activities include segmenting and subtitling the shows, commenting, and just plain having fun. The Channel Manager is responsible for leading the above activities, as well as keeping the Channel active through comments, games, friendly competitions, and other activities. As a Channel Manager, you can think up unique ways to keep the community alive, while maintaining a fun and inclusive environment for fans and volunteers.

Channel Managers are responsible for recruiting a Channel team (Moderators, Segmenters, and Subtitlers), overseeing the quality of subtitles, notifying Viki Staff of Community Guidelines violations, and running any sort of activities on the Channel!

Both Channel Managers and Moderators can do the following:

  • Editing the Community Wall
  • Recruiting a Cover Page designer
  • Locking/unlocking subtitles in each language
  • Moderating Timed Comments
  • Adding a "Team Name"

You can learn how to become a Channel Manager or Moderator here.


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