Timed Comments

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Timed Comments is one of the most popular features that we have on Viki! It allows you to leave comments within the video, at a certain point in time. You and your friends can have conversations and comment on the video while it's playing!

Writing Timed Comments

Timed Comments display at the top left of videos. You can add your own comments at any time by entering them into the comment field that pops out, on the right.

Turning Timed Comments On/Off

To turn on or off Timed Comments, click the blue button at the bottom of the commenting field. 

Deleting Timed Comments

Channel Managers and Moderators can delete Timed Comments. Currently it's not possible for you to delete your own Timed Comment (this feature is coming soon!). If you'd like to delete your Timed Comment, please contact a Channel Manager or Moderator of the video, and let them know exactly which comment on which video you'd like to delete.
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