How to message a Channel Manager or Moderator

Mariko -

Videos on Viki are housed within Channels, many of which are organized by Channel Teams made up of volunteer community members. The Channel Manager(s) and Moderator(s) lead the Channel Teams.

It's courtesy to reach out to the Channel Manager and/or Language Moderator of the channel that you'd like to work on to let them know you'd like to join the team and volunteer. 

1) To find the Channel Manager or Moderator, click on the blue channel team name under the "Subtitles & Volunteers" section on a Channel.


2) You will then be presented with a list of channel volunteers. They are grouped based on their role in the channel, such as Channel Managers, Moderators, and Segmenters.

3) Click the profile picture of the Channel Manager or Moderator that you want to send your message to. It will open their profile page. Click the ‘Send Private Message’ button below their profile picture to send them a message.

Please be sure to include the following in your messages to the Channel Manager(s) or Moderator(s): 
  • The name of the show or movie you'd like to help out on (ex. "Boys Over Flowers")
  • The role you would like: Moderator, Subtitler or Segmenter 
  • **For prosepctive Moderators and Subtitlers, be sure to include the language you'd like to work on.**
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