How do I send a Private Message (PM)?

You can send a private message (PM) to any member of the Viki community. There are two ways to do this:

Locating your mailbox

You can find your mailbox at the top right corner of your browser. Click the ‘Envelope’ icon to access your mailbox.


Sending a PM from your mailbox

  1. To get started, click the New Message text on the right-side. 

  2. Enter the username that you would like to send your message to, in the "To" field and press "return" afterwards. You can send a message to multiple users by adding their usernames and pressing "return" after each username.

You can learn how to find someone's username here

Sending a PM from the user’s profile page

  1. Go to a user's profile page.

  2. Click the envelope icon next to the user's profile picture to send them a message.


  3. Clicking this button will take you to your mailbox with the user's name filled in the "To" field, allowing you to send them a PM quickly and easily. Please add a "subject" to the message with information about what channel or project you are interested in working on as well as any language information. Please note: Many contributors are working on multiple projects and have no reference to what channel you are inquiring about.Screen_Shot_2020-07-31_at_8.37.21_AM.png
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