Get started in the Viki community!

Welcome! We’re very excited that you’ve decided to join us. Here’s a bit about the community, and all the fun things you can do as a member.

Contributor Channel teams fully organize every aspect of bringing subtitles to fans around the world. They organize the Channel, design it, segment and subtitle videos into multiple languages and much more! It’s not easy, but we do it for the love of our favorite entertainment.

Check out (and bookmark!) the community homepage, where you’ll find what’s new in the community. If you have questions or need help, check out our FAQs in the Viki Help Center. Also, make sure to read the Viki Community Guidelines, and don’t forget to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter!

Follow your favorite shows, movies, and music videos, to get updates about new episodes, subtitle progress, games and more. Shows that your favorite will appear on your profile page so you can find them quickly. You can also make comments on video and channel pages or start or join a Discussion!


Subtitles on Viki are created by a community of fans just like you. 

You can learn how to subtitle videos on Viki here, and learn how to find things that need your help here. Remember that it's polite to first contact the Channel Manager or Moderator of a video before you start working on it. Also, check out the community-created Ninja Segging & Subbing Academy to learn from veteran subtitlers!

Love watching videos on Viki? Show your support and appreciation by thanking the community for their amazing efforts. Please don’t ask them when subtitles will be finished, or pressure them to subtitle faster -- remember, they’re all contributors! 


Segments, much like subtitles, are also created by Viki community members!

In order to make subtitles possible, a video must be "cut" into timed segments. It’s great fun so give it a try! Learn how to find things that need your help here. If you want to become an expert segmenter, you can join one of our community-created programs, NSSA Segmenting Guide or Ninja Segging & Subbing AcademyContact the Channel Manager or Moderator of a show you want to segment in order to be added as an official segmenter.

We hope you love being a part of Viki as much as we love having you here!

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