How much is a Viki Pass subscription?

Viki Pass lets you watch exclusive content, in HD (where available), without ads. If you own a Chromecast device, a subscription will also unlock this feature for casting. 

A recurring monthly/annual charge will be processed to the credit card on file. Click here for price and plan details. 

There are 3 plans available, Basic, Standard, and Plus, all with monthly and annual options:

  • Basic
    • Get Ad-free viewing and HD quality 
    • Chromecast access
    • Available in selected regions 
  • Standard
    • Get access to our Viki exclusive content, Ad-free viewing, and HD quality
    • Chromecast access
  • Plus
    • Get access to Viki Exclusives and Kocowa content, ad-free, and in HD quality
    • Chromecast access
    • Available only in the Americas Region (North, South, and Central)
Note: For web subscriptions, charges are processed in USD only. If your credit card is not a USA issued card, and/or the currency is not in USD, you may be charged a small ITF (International Transaction Fee) by your card company or banking institution, per transaction. You can contact your banking institution for more information about this charge.

How do I subscribe?

To learn how to subscribe, please click here.


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