How do I change the website and subtitle language?

VikiCS -

From the Video Player
To change the subtitle language from the video player, click on the Settings Bar (1) located next to the volume setting. A menu with various options will pop up.
Make sure you have the "Show Subtitles" option turned on. Click on Subtitles (2) and choose your preferred language.
From the Main Homepage on
The Viki website is available in English, French, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Portuguese, Korean and Japanese.

To change your website language preference, go to and scroll all the way down to the end of the site. Select the Site language option and chose your preferred language. All menus, buttons, and labels will change to your chosen language.

You can also change your Global Content language directly from the bottom of the website. Content language will automatically change show titles, descriptions, and subtitles across all channels, to your preferred content language option. If the selected language is not available, the show title, description, and subtitles will appear in English instead.
From your Account Settings
You can also set your subtitle language preference from your Profile Settings
  1. Click on your profile picture at the top of the Menu bar and choose Account Settings

  2. Choose your preferred language from the drop down menu under Content Language

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