How do I change site and subtitle language?

Viki is available in:

        • English
        • Chinese Simplified (简体中文)
        • Chinese Traditional (繁體中文)
        • French (Français)
        • German (Deutsch)
        • Italian (Italiano)
        • Japanese (日本語)
        • Korean (한국어)
        • Portuguese (Português)
        • Spanish (Español)

  Changing Site Language from Viki Homepage
To change your site language preference:
  1.   Go to
  2.   At the bottom of the page, select your preferred site language from the Choose your language menu.


  Changing Subtitle Language from Video Player
  1.   At the bottom right of the video player, click the Settings icon. 
  2.   Click Subtitles and select your preferred subtitle language.



  Displaying All Shows and Subtitle Availability in my Language 
  1.   Follow the same steps above to choose your preferred subtitle language.
  2.   Refresh the page. This will set your subtitle language preference, and you should now be able to see language indicators on the video thumbnails in your language of choice.

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