Why am I seeing this error message while watching videos?

This article contains information on identifying different error message codes and how you can try to troubleshoot.

Please note that you have to be on the latest version of the app for the new messaging to appear.

Error VSF_: 6400, 6401, 6404, 6422, 6461, 6500

"Oh no, something went wrong (Error: 6400, 6401, 6404, 6422, 6461, 6500). We're looking into it as you read this. Please try again in a few minutes."

Solution: Try again in a few minutes.
Error: VSF_6460

"Oh no! We had a little hiccup but don't worry! (Error: VSF_6460) Please try again in a few minutes. Maybe have a break - have a chocolate."

Solution: This error means your device is unable to support DRM. It should still be able to play non-DRM videos. We suggest watching DRM videos on another supported device.
Error VF_EXO_6001, VF_EXO_6002, VF_EXO_6004

"Oh no, it's not you - it's your device. Unfortunately your device is not compatible with this content. We suggest switching to a different device."

Solution: Watch on a different supported browser or device.


If you encounter "Oh no, it's not you - it's your device (Error: 6460 or Error VF_EXO_6xxx)", do note if the app had worked for you previously and if this had only occurred after you did an OS or software update recently. Please let us know here, as this information will aid our engineers' investigation to debug the issue. 

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