Roku - How to subscribe to Viki Pass Plus?

You can now subscribe to Viki Pass Plus on your Roku device by following these simple steps: 

  1. Log in to the Viki app. To learn how to log in, please refer to this article.
  2. Go to Viki Pass Subscriptions  
  3. Select the Viki Pass Plus Monthly plan, and follow the prompts.
Note: It's important to restart the Viki app after subscribing, for the benefits to take effect.

Viki Pass restrictions on Roku

  1. Only the Viki Pass Plus Monthly subscription ($9.99/month) is available via Roku. 

  2. Once a subscription starts, no subscription plan change is allowed. If you wish to change your current plan, please cancel your subscription and wait until the end of the billing cycle. Once the subscription ends, you will be able to change to a different Viki Pass plan via our website or mobile app.

  3. Subscriptions made via Roku are non-refundable.


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