How do I Caption for Learn Mode?

Captions are transcriptions of the original language in a video. Captioning on Viki is a great way to contribute if you don't speak another language!
When captioning is completed to at least 50% on videos, it also activates Learn Mode, Viki's innovative language learning feature!
Captioning for Learn Mode
    1. Access the Subtitle Editor: Go to the Channel video that you would like to caption.

      Click the pencil icon, located below the video on the lower right-hand side. This will open the Subtitle Editor tool.


    2.  When you enter the Subtitle Editor, select "Caption"

    3. In the boxes below, write or edit the captions
Note: These boxes each represent a segment, so if they do not appear yet, the video must be segmented in the Segment Timer

Some Extra Tips

  • Use Ctrl+F to find a word within all captions on a video.

  • Using the shortcut keys (such as “Tab” to move to the next caption) will help you caption more quickly, so make sure to check them out (located under the fields for "From" and "To" languages).

  • Learn more about the Subtitle Editor and how to navigate it here.

  • Learn more about Learn Mode and how to use it here.
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