How do I use Google Home Smart Speaker with Viki?

Using your Google Home Smart Speaker with the Viki app

All commands should start with “Hey Google…” or “Okay Google…”

Supported Commands:

  • “Watch/Play (insert show name)* on (insert Chromecast enabled device name)**.
  • “Pause” - Video will pause
  • “Stop” - Video will stop and return to Home screen
  • “What is playing?”
  • “Next episode”
  • “Previous episode/ Last episode”
  • “Show (insert language) subtitle/caption”
  • “Turn on subtitle/caption”
  • “Turn off subtitle/caption”
  • “Seek back # minutes # seconds / Back # minutes # seconds”
  • “Seek forward # minutes # seconds / Forward # minutes # seconds”
  • “Seek to # minutes # seconds”
  • “Play from the beginning”

Note: If commands are not understandable or supported by the Google Home Smart Speaker, it will reply with “I don’t understand/don’t know how to help with that”. Please try to use the above-specified commands.

*Google Home Smart Speaker doesn’t support voice commands to play specific episodes and cannot recognize non-English languages.

**Show names need to be said in English. If a show has multiple names in English, please use the Viki title.


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