How do I set up the Google Home Smart Speaker?

Setting up your Google Home Smart Speaker

  1. Plug in your Google Home Smart Speaker. Lights will move across the device as it sets up. Once it stops, the device is ready to go.

  2. Download the Google Home app in the Google Play Store (only for Android).Screenshot_20171103-135643.png

  3. Make sure your device is connected to the same Wifi network that you’re planning to use for your Google Home Smart Speaker and Chromecast-enabled devices.

  4. Open the app and follow the prompts to login to your Google account
    If you don’t see the Google account you want to use, you can add it at this point.

  5. Tap on the Device icon Screenshot_20171103-141802.png(top right-hand corner)

  6. Under your Google Home Smart Speaker device, tap SET UP > NEXT.
    Follow the prompts to give permissions to Google Home Speaker
Note: Remember to give permission to link your Chromecast enabled devices to Google Home.
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