I am a QC with Viki Pass subscription, how do I get QC Viki Pass benefits?

If you have recently become a QC and have an ongoing Viki Pass subscription, QC Viki Pass benefits will not automatically be granted to your account. Instead, you will be issued a six-month Viki Pass coupon code via email. 

You can apply the coupon code after the billing cycle of your subscription ends. Please be reminded to cancel your ongoing Viki Pass subscription to be able to redeem the coupon code. Learn how to cancel the respective types of subscriptions here

Note: QCs and Gold QCs will receive the highest subscription tier currently available in your respective regions. If the Viki Pass subscription plan assigned to your coupon code does not correspond to the highest subscription tier available in your region, please get in touch with us through the Help Center. Viki will not recognize the use of unauthorized means to alter your current region.

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