Which Viki Pass Plan will I need to watch shows?

You will know when a show is a Viki Pass Standard or Viki Pass Plus exclusive by the icons and the overlay message on the channel and video page.

The icons will also help you identify which show is Standard and Plus:

     Standard          Plus

        onekey_80x80.gif        twokeys_80x80.gif


Note: Viki Pass Basic does not provide premium access to shows.

Channel and video pages will also identify the show as being Standard or Plus:

Viki Pass Standard
Screenshot_2017-08-11_12.35.57.pngScreenshot_2018-12-17_14.56.14.png Screenshot_2017-08-11_12.33.44.png
Viki Pass Plus
Screenshot_2017-08-11_12.33.14.png   Screenshot_2018-12-17_14.59.35.pngScreenshot_2017-08-11_12.32.22.png

Why can't I see my Viki Pass benefits?

If you can't see your benefits, please visit this Help Center article for more information: Why can't I see my benefits?

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