What's the difference between Viki Pass Basic, Standard and Plus?

Viki Pass Basic gives you the chance to watch our non-exclusive content, free of ads and in HD, when available. This plan is for users who don't mind waiting for their favorite content to become available to all users.

Viki Pass Standard, formerly known as Viki Pass, is the same plan you already know, which lets you watch our Viki Exclusives, Viki Originals, and selected movies! You can explore the shows available with Viki Pass Standard here. Besides Standard content access, you also get to watch with no ads and HD quality, when available.

Viki Pass Plus gives you access to all the great content from Viki Pass Standard PLUS additional content from Kocowa! You can explore the shows available with Viki Pass Plus here. Besides Plus content access, you also get to watch with no ads and HD quality, when available.

A Viki Pass Plus subscription does not include access to Kocowa.com, it only includes access to the content and shows available on Viki.com.

Important Notes

  • Regional restrictions apply to all plans
  • Viki Pass Plus is only available in North, Central, and South America
  • Viki Pass Basic is currently only available in selected countries, which are subject to change
  Viki Pass Basic Viki Pass Standard Viki Pass Plus
No Ads
(when available)
Viki Pass Standard Exclusive Videos  
Viki Pass Plus Kocowa TV Exclusive Access    
Availability Selected countries Worldwide Americas Region

How do I see the titles available for each plan?

The Explore page is a good place to start finding content specific to each plan type. Simply use the filters at the top of the page to adjust your preferences.

Additionally, there are icons and labels across Viki that will assist to identify the different plan types. More details can be found here!

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