How are Channel Managers selected?

Channel Managers will be selected by Viki staff members, based on, but not limited to, the following criteria:

  • Ideally, previous Channel Management and/or Moderation experience. If possible, experience on at least two shows and/or movies. 
  • The current number of on-air, upcoming channels & library channels.
  • How well a user follows and understands the Viki Community Guidelines, promoting a positive, healthy environment and collaboration on Viki.
Do I need experience to become a Channel Manager?

Previous Channel Management and/or Moderation experience is ideal. If possible, users should have experience on at least 2 shows and/or movies.

Are Channel Managers selected on a first come, first serve basis?

No. All users that applied for Channel Manager within the 2-week time period will be considered.

Are previous channel submissions considered for Channel Manager selection criteria?

No, only current applications submitted are counted for the Channel Manager selection criteria.


Note: Only QCs and Gold QCs are considered for a Channel Manager manager position.


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