How do I change subtitle language, size, font & color on Android?

Changing subtitle settings will require the Viki app version 4.11. Version 4.11 can only be downloaded on Android OS 4.4 and above. 

Changing subtitle settings

  1. Tap on the subtitle icon at the top right corner of the video player to go to video Settings.


  2. Tap on the desired subtitle language. For the font, color and size, tap on Subtitle Style.


  3. This will bring you to your device's subtitle settings. Ensure that the setting is turned On at the top.
  4. To see how the subtitles will look like, you can refer to the sample subtitles "Captions will look like this"
    • Language: Select the language in which you want captions to appear
    • Text size: Select the size for your caption text
    • Caption style: Select the style and color for your caption text and background

For subtitles without any background

  1. Tap on Caption style Custom. A whole list of other custom options will appear.
  2. Scroll down to Background colorNone



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