Viki x Rave drama co-viewing

Eliza -

Want to watch dramas with your friends, family, or other members of the community? Now you can!

Viki is available on the Rave co-viewing app! With Rave, users can overcome distance challenges to watch Viki dramas and communicate in real-time together. Features include text and voice chatting. 

If you don't already have the Rave app, here's how you can install it on either your mobile apps or tablets:

1. Viki Pass users might notice prompt on their video players 'watch videos together with other people'. A pop-up message will prompt you to leave the Viki app and into the iTunes/Google Play app store to download Rave.

If you do not see any prompts on your video players, you can download Rave directly on the app store by searching Rave - videos with friends:


2. Once you've created a Rave account, you can click on any Viki video page and launch Rave via the icon on the video player. This will exit the Viki app and open the Rave app.

3. Once you're logged into the Rave app, click on 'Start a rave', and choose Viki at the top of the screen:Viki_Rave.png

Ensure that you're signed into your Viki Pass account first:


4. Finally, click on the show you'd like to co-view, and invite your friends! Keep an eye out for any local Viki community co-viewing sessions on Viki's Facebook page and Twitter as well!

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