How Do I Verify My Email?

 You need to verify your email address on Viki to enjoy full access to all the features on your account.
 For New Users  For Existing Users With Unverified Accounts
A verification email will be sent to your account automatically after signing up. You will also see a notice under the top menu of the advising you to verify your email address right after your first login. You can resend the verification email again from that same notice.

  Still Having Issues?

I didn't get the verification email

Check your spam folder. You can also add the email address to your address book and then try sending the email again.

If you're still not receiving the email, contact your email service provider to troubleshoot further.

I'm still having trouble verifying my email

Send us a request using the email address associated with the Viki account you're trying to verify and we'll be glad to help!

What happens if I change the email address associated with my Viki account?

If you ever change the email address associated with your Viki account, you'll need to verify your new email again.

I am seeing a notification to verify my account on the homepage


If you are getting a notification banner to verify your account, you have the option of resending the verification email or changing your e-mail address from your Subscription & Settings page.

I am seeing an error message


This means the verification link has expired. You can click on the 'Send a new verification link' button to receive a new email verification link in your email inbox.


You can click on the 'Send new verification link' button to receive a new email verification link to your email inbox.


If you are getting the error message 'Login to verify', please login to your Viki account that you wish to verify.


You can click on 'Try again' button to resend a verification email after a few seconds, or you can contact us and let us know in detail the issue you are currently experiencing.


If you are seeing this error message, it is most likely that you are logged into another account while trying to verify another Viki account. Please try clicking on 'Proceed to Login page' to login to the correct account. 

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