Contributor Guidelines

All members of the contribution community on Viki must follow the following Contributor Guidelines as well as the Viki Community GuidelinesCommon Etiquette for Contributors. 

The roles listed below are all roles within Viki's Contribution Community.

General Guidelines

The rules listed below span across all roles within Viki's Contribution Community.

  • Do not discourage members from participating in your Channel, or on Viki.
  • Do not "blacklist" community members.
  • Do not delete comments unless they do not follow Community Guidelines.   
Channel Manager Guidelines

A Channel Manager (CM) is the main leadership role within the Viki team structure. Channel Managers are the major decision makers who make sure the channel is being run smoothly.

They are in charge of promoting the channel, recruiting staff, delegating tasks, overseeing the channel, keeping it active, working towards completion, and making sure the Community Guidelines are followed at all times.  To assist in the Viki goal "to remove the language and cultural barriers which stand between great entertainment and fans,” the Channel Manager should facilitate translation from the source language to as many other languages as quickly as is reasonably possible.

Moderator Guidelines

There are three types of moderators: English Moderators, All Language Moderators, and Other Language Moderators. Overall, Moderators must be current and active on Viki. They should be willing to provide quality contributions to the community and be a vital player with their teammates. It is important for Moderators to be regularly available for the entire run of a series and recruit any other team members as needed.

Subtitler Guidelines

How to use the subtitle editor

English subtitlers are contributors who translate/transcribe from the content’s original language into English. Once the English subtitles are complete, other language subtitlers translate the English subs into other languages (e.g: French, Spanish, Portuguese, etc.).

Segmenter Guidelines

How to use the Segment timer

Segmenters lay the foundation for subtitles by cutting a video into timed compartments. Good segments are the basis for good subtitles, so it is important to learn how to accurately cut segments before working on an on-air project (see the Ninja Academy Segmenting Guide for segmenting guidelines).

Within a channel, there are two main types of segmenters: the general segmenter and the Chief Segmenter. General segmenters are responsible for segmenting the videos, while Chief Segmenters are responsible for overseeing the team.

Reporting failure to follow these guidelines

Failure to follow these guidelines may result in account suspension or other action. To report someone for failing to follow the guidelines, please contact us through the Help Center.

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